About me.

I was born and raised in Atlanta and swore I'd never leave. I dreamed of always having my extended family close by, and of carrying on with our quirky traditions forever. Instead, I married my not-quite high school sweetheart (we held hands once in a movie theater) twice in one day--once in a church and once while wearing a sari--and added a completely new culture to my life. We moved to Boston for three years, then to New Haven for two more before heading back to Atlanta and our families (this time with our son in tow).

I'm a reader, a writer, a high school English teacher, and now a stay-at-home mom. My family is from the United States (and, if you go back a few generations, Germany, Italy, and Scotland), and my husband's family is from southern India. I am Catholic, he is Hindu. It's important to use that the life we create together is one that respects and honors both of our families' cultures. 

About this blog.

I started this blog as a way to begin sharing my writing with others, and it became a way for me to stay in touch with family and friends (these are the original posts). I found myself consistently drawn to the topics of culture and identity. After our son was born, nurturing our family's cultural identity became even more important. 

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In short, I've authored all content--written posts and photographs--published on this blog, unless otherwise noted. Please provide appropriate credit/links back to any content you refer to in your own writing, and send me a message via my contact page before borrowing content/images for your own purposes. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and to learn about yours--please be positive and constructive when commenting. Comments that are deliberately disrespectful, offensive, or self-promoting will be removed.