New City, New Home

Or, "What we've been up to for the past two weeks..."

Since moving in at the beginning of the month, we've gotten to know our new neighborhood via several trips to Home Depot (have you ever seen a ton of something for sale before?), a few impromptu gatherings with other new New Haveners with the incoming Class of 2017, and a few restaurants walking-distance from our apartment, including two desserts located dangerously close to home (cannoli and tiramisu at Nica's Market around the corner). We went to the Pie on 9 Pie Contest and Block Party as our inaugural community activity, and boy was it a sweet, sticky, a la mode welcome to the city.

We're getting used to our new home as well: we know where most things live in the apartment (minus a few still-unpacked boxes in the bathroom and living room) and we're learning how to keep the rooms cool in this ninety-degree heat.  We've met the downstairs neighbor's cat, who likes to watch the street from the windows at the front of the house, and we've reluctantly, sort-of accepted the fact that a quarter-sized albino spider lives somewhere near the front door and has been spotted crawling over the deadbolt...

Finally, we've given ourselves permission to do nothing for the past week. After taking one look at the full calendar of orientation activities planned for the next two weeks, we decided to take the advice of some previous business school students and relax to the point of boredom. We took a day trip to Mystic, CT for some oysters and martinis. We've watched The Maze Runner, parts 2 and 3 of The HobbitGoodfellas, and two seasons of House, played several hands of Rummy, and eaten our first slices of apizza.

And now, on day 17 of our time in New Haven, it's time to get back to work! For me, for now, that means writing. What a great adventure this will be!