Photo Friday: Sisters

This weekend we're celebrating my sister Sarah's wedding! Last weekend, we sipped frozen margaritas and chatted about what we were like as kids--

That's our cousin Kara in the middle.

Sarah liked to pop the bubbles that formed in my glass of milk in the morning (she didn't drink milk and therefore didn't have any bubbles of her own to pop) and relished trying to kiss my cheek in front of all of my friends on the school bus in elementary school.

We sometimes called Jamie Houdini because, as a toddler, she could somehow get past every child-proofing strategy my parents put in the house. I used to have to call her to open my bedroom door because I couldn't use the doorknob cover.

And we each had a regular dessert order after night-swim at the local pool: double-chocolate doughnut for me, Boston cream for Sarah, and sprinkles for Jamie if we went to Dunkin' Donuts, and Oreo blizzard, peanut buster parfait, and dip cone with a cup (to catch the ice cream as it melted) if we went to Diary Queen.

And now we've grown up. (Although, I still order double-chocolate doughnuts, Sarah still doesn't like to drink milk, and Jamie is still better than us both at working around life's little obstacles, like supposedly non-returnable, personalized items mis-ordered from a catalog.)

Cheers to you, Sarah and Jamie! And happy wedding weekend!