4 Christmas Cards

The Christmas Card is one tradition I hope is never fully taken over by technology. As a kid, I loved watching for Christmas cards in the mail, taking turns opening them, and then displaying them each year on the living room shelf--later, on a cord in the kitchen doorway. I still love to send and receive paper mail.

Four years ago, I sent our first Christmas cards as a family-of-two--a red card with a stocking on the front. I kept one for myself. Inside, I wrote a few memories from the year and a few wishes for the year ahead, and placed it inside a small gift box. I've kept the tradition each year since. Already, I've enjoyed looking back on the wishes I made for us only a few years ago.

I hope you're making many memories this week, and that you'll make many more in 2016. I also hope you'll take a few minutes to yourself to be grateful for 2015 and to make a few wishes of your own.