Happy New Year

We're back from a nice, long holiday vacation with family and friends in Atlanta, and soon we'll be off to a wedding in New York City. While I take some time to figure out what to write about this month, here are a few of my favorite photos from our trip. We visited a light display at the Arboretum in Asheville, NC, and this was my favorite exhibit--

wearasari-jan16-spheres (4).JPG

Spheres of lights stacked together in a fountain. In the moment, I found it compellingly beautiful. I'm not sure why--

Looking back now, it could be the illusion that the globes are floating upward, or that they're suspended in time, like bubbles--a fleeting moment captured so that it can be enjoyed longer.

Or it could be the image of so many distinct spheres, each one unique, each one important, gathered together to create something together.

They could have been cubes, stacked atop one another to create a pyramid of the same shape, but the effect wouldn't be the same. Each cube would have been obliged to remain in position; it would have become the pyramid.

Somehow, the spheres maintain their identity, even as they form a tower. Its as if they could float away at any moment and continue to be, but they choose not to. At any moment, they could rearrange themselves and become something different.  

For now, they hang together, floating upward.

Happy Friday!