Snow day!

Yesterday's blizzard, which left us with a foot of powdery snow, gave me just enough time to (almost) finish my project for this month--transitioning this blog to its own website. 

Ta da!

The layout is done, all of the posts have been imported and the photos updated. I'm not done updating the internal links between posts or the tags that organize the content, but the rest of the site should be up and running! Take a look at the About page to see what I'm thinking for this year.

In honor of our first major snowfall of the season, here are some of my favorite snow-related pictures. They're all from last year, when 100 inches of snow fell between December and March. 

First, Thoreau's cabin at Walden Pond. I drove past Walden Pond nearly every day on my way home from work for the last 2 years we lived in Boston. Its one of the places I miss most!

Next, a duck on the Charles River near our first apartment in Newton, MA. 

And finally, one of my favorite photos of one of my favorite places--Orchard House in Concord, MA. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!