I've been hibernating. 

January and the first weeks of February were quite reminiscent of our lives last winter. They were cold, sometimes snowy, and full of the stress and excitement of having to make important life and career decisions.

Thankfully, we've reached the next stop on our journey through business school, which means that things can relax for a little while. I can now officially say that we'll be back in Atlanta for several weeks over the summer for Amar's internship experience! I'm looking forward to central a/c (we currently live in a non-air conditioned, third floor apartment), Georgia peaches, and casual Saturday night card games with relatives. 

The interview and then discernment weeks were busy ones. There were lots of phone calls, questions, and pro/con discussions. Amar made three separate trips to Atlanta in one month (I accompanied for two of them). Once we finally answered the "Where will we be this summer?" question, hibernating began. And by that, I mean that we (unintentionally) slipped into relaxation mode. If it's not necessary or fun, we haven't worried about it. 

Last week, I didn't cook. We had cereal for breakfast, ate leftovers from the freezer, or ate with friends. Because I didn't cook, I also didn't do dishes--only Sunday did I finally load the cereal bowls and water glasses from the week into our dishwasher. I hadn't done laundry, made the bed, or properly hung up our coats and scarves in over a week. I also ate lots of chocolate, just because.

And we watched an entire season of Parks and Recreation this past weekend. Oh, Leslie Knope, how I've missed you.

So, that's why I haven't been writing. First because we were busy making summer plans. Then because we weren't. But now it's (sort of) getting warmer, the squirrels are making nests (in our ceiling, but that's a story for another day), and the days are getting longer. It's time to get back to our routine!

It's good to be back!