Just an ordinary day

This is how I imagined my Leap Day would be--a giant blue rooster perched on top of a building. Once every four years, we're granted an extra day. 24 hours perfectly suited to carpe diem. How would I spend them? Hike in the park? Go to a museum? Bake something new?

As it turns out, my February 29th was just another ordinary day. 

I did some homework, some laundry, some dishes. I listened for squirrels in the attic (they're still there). I wrote for a bit, went grocery shopping, then to Zumba class, and then I cooked dinner. It was a lovely, ordinary day.

Today, I'll write some more, go to class, fold the laundry I left in the dryer yesterday, and then go to rowing practice before dinner. Another ordinary day.

But before you start to think I'm headed for a case of the Mondays (or Tuesdays, as it were), let me ask you this--

Aren't these chickens beautiful?

Have a lovely, ordinary (or extraordinary) day!