How to Wear a Sari III

One year ago today, this happened--


Of course, life hasn't been the same since. 

Now it's a new year, I'm 365 days into a new phase of life, and it's time for another shift in this blog's identity. I began this project as a way to discover myself shortly after getting married--I was new to being a wife, (co)head of my household, and part of an intercultural family. Then it became a way to keep in touch with family and friends while we lived in Boston and Connecticut, and to try to stay active as a writer. To this point, How to Wear a Sari has been an ongoing memoir project--and it's been all about me. 

This year, I'm challenging myself to build a blog with a purpose, one that can be part of a community of writers and readers. Discovering that purpose took me back to the question I started with: Who am I? 

I'm a woman, wife, and mother working every day to balance all three roles. I grew up taking my culture for granted because it was all around me--I never had to look for it, question it, create, or defend it.  Now I'm part of an intercultural and interfaith family. Now I'm a mother doing all of those things for the first time. I hope you'll not just follow along, but join me in the process!

What cultures make up your family?