Barcelona Day 1

Barcelona Day 1

Spring might finally have arrived in New Haven! And I feel about as busy as the birds have been the past few mornings. We have a little over one month left in our first year at Yale SOM and I'm certain it's going to fly by. As I mentioned last week, there's a lot of work and seriousness filling my time lately; what I want is a light-hearted space to document all of the fun we're having, too. So for the next several weeks, I'll be posting often with photographs and short notes about what we're up to as we wrap up our first school year at Yale. 

To start, some of our favorite places in Barcelona. We traveled there for five days before Amar continued on a school trip to Serbia and Croatia. (You might have already seen a few of our favorite pictures here and here.)

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Photo Friday: April Fool's

Happy April Fool's Day! 

I keep hoping that our weather forecast is a joke, but the snowflake symbol is still hanging around for the weekend...

Rain or shine (or snow), I hope you don't encounter too many giant birds today, or fall for any news hoaxes (my favorite is this BBC report from April 1, 1957), or otherwise end up at the wrong side of a joke on this lovely first day of April.

Happy Friday!