Boston Bucket List Update


We're down to our last few days of living in Boston, which means that packing-mode has just about taken over. I thought I would take a few minutes to revel in a bit of last-minute denial of the fact that the hall closet is still full of jackets and shoes, not to mention the untouched plates, bowls, and spoons in the kitchen cabinets, and update our Boston Bucket List.

First, let me confess that I am a planner at heart; I prefer to have all of the details laid out before I do anything. But if I've learned anything over the past three years, it's that life offers many paths, and half the time you won't know which one to take until you get there. My bucket list turned out much the same way: I listed out everything I wanted to do before leaving Boston, and changed half of it along the way. 

Here are the highlights from our last few months here:

#21. Sadly, the lamb ragu at Sorellina must be a feature of their winter menu and wasn't available. Instead, we went to Deuxave with friends and enjoyed our favorite duck dish instead. 

#28. I had every intention of feasting on a Fenway Frank until the smell of steaming peppers and onions wafted my way... Sausage and peppers is still served on a bun, so shouldn't it count?

#s 22 & 24: The literary maps were fun to look at, but the Pixar exhibit at the Museum of Science is by far the exhibit to see. 

#25. Giulia still has some of the best handmade pasta dishes around! 

#30. The Local sold the last slice of peanut butter pie as soon as we sat down to order... More on that sad story another day.

What's left on our Boston Bucket List?

#23. Wade in Walden Pond.

#26. Retrace some Revolutionary Steps at Minuteman National Park.

#27. Enjoy the exhibits at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum.

#29. Join the revelry at a Summer festival.
(This, I think, we'll move to our list of future New Haven adventures.)