Photo Friday: Elephant Seals

We've been living in New Haven for one week, today, and so far, we've given one local pizza place a try, gone on a few walks to get to know the neighborhood, stocked the fridge and pantry, unpacked enough to live off of, and relaxed through the hottest parts of the day (in our top-floor apartment) with Season 1 of House on Netflix--I'm dreaming in diagnostics.

In a week-and-a-half, orientation begins and our calendar will be full every night until eight or nine in the evening, including weekends, so I keep reminding myself that relaxing for the time being is a good thing. I also have enough clean shirts to avoid unpacking the boxes and suitcases that surround me while I sleep for the next few days. 

In the spirit of prolonged relaxation (read: procrastination), I though I'd share some photos from my favorite unscheduled stop on our California road trip two years ago. Someone gave us a tip to stop and see the sea lions, and we are so glad we did! 

They don't do much other than sleep, snort, and flubber up and down the beach, but they are beyond amusing to watch--I think we stayed for close to an hour. 

wearasari-aug15-elephantseals (7).JPG

   I call these "Sibling Rivalry I and II." You may decide who wins.

"Neighborhood Gossip"

I'm torn between "Wrong Side of the Bed" and "Case of the Mondays"

And last-but-not-least, my personal favorite: "Happy"

wearasari-aug15-elephantseals (1).JPG

Happy Friday, everyone!