Photo Friday: 10 Years, 2 Mascots

Here's a fun fact for your Friday: 

Amar and I went on our second first date ten years ago this coming week. (The first first date was sometime in high school--we went to the movies with a group of friends and sat next to each other on purpose.) Coincidentally, our second first date was also to the movies. We saw the fourth Harry Potter. I wasn't sure if it was a date-date or a friend-date, so I planned on arriving early and waiting to see if he would buy my ticket. Instead, I ran late, he'd already bought both tickets by the time I got there, and I spent a good part of the movie searching for other clues as to what kind of date we were on.

We figured it sometime before the first week of February. This picture was taken one year after that. 

This week, we checked another Yale tradition off of our list--and faced an ethical dilemma in the process (notice the Georgia Tech gear in the photo above). We met Handsome Dan. For those unfamiliar with Georgia sports teams, UGA--one of Tech's biggest rivals--also features a bulldog mascot. When in Rome!

Happy Friday!